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"From Rap To Film" Subscription Channel

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"From Rap To Film" upcoming releases include:

1. Jean Powe Stevens Johnson Syndrome Survivor (Documentary)

2. Back When I Didn't Know No Better (Audio Book)

3. Obsolete Items From History (Series)

4. The Candy Witch (Short Movie)
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The Candy Witch

Audition Announcement 

Who:  From Rap To Film 
What:  THE CANDY WITCH by Steven Laws.  Directed by Steven Laws. 
Seeking:  3 kids (Ages 10 - 13), 4 women (Ages 24 - 60), 4 men (Ages 24 – 60).  
Lots of "character" roles (rapping, singing, magical, athletic, accents & strange special skills are a plus!) 
When:  Saturday, August 27, 2016 between 11:00-4:00 p.m.
Where: WILLIAM B. SHAW COMMUNITY BUILDING 9657 EAST AVE Q-10, SUN VILLAGE, CA. 93543  (661) 944-0342 

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