Don't Be A Piece of A Record Label 

There's more to running a record label then just having a recording studio. Generally speaking independent artists don't have enough money to set up and run each department.
If everybody on your label or in your crew has their own recording studio and record label, then your competing against yourself.
Each of you are hindering group success for the sake of saying "I have a record label" or "I have a recording studio".
If indeed you fit the description above consider selling off some of those extra studios to purchase equipment and get the knowledge needed to build other departments for your label.
Example: A working vehicle needs an engine, battery, wheels, oil, etc. Everyone can't just have an engine and say I'm a car. Your just a piece of a car.
That just my opinion and advice to those of you in the game and up-n-coming labels and artists. Don't be just a piece of a record label and I guarantee you'll see more success.. - iMp

L.A. Trensettas Workshop 08/20/2015 Podcast

L.A. TRENDSETTAS 08/20/2015 
Hello here’s what happened at L.A. Trendsettas August 20, 2015
It's back to school time so we only had a few “Trendsettas” show up.
Nevertheless we had a great time drawing, making music, playing with sound effects, reading and eating.
Several of us took turns reading a rough draft of “THE CANDY WITCH”. Sach suggested that we record the reading and that was a great idea. I’ve uploaded an mp3 of “THE CANDY WITCH” reading which includes our discussions during and after the reading.  The discussions were interesting and gave us new ideas.  The readers are in the following order (Steven, Cammie, Shaydi, Faith, Grace, and Sach).
I’m looking forward to seeing old and new faces next week. We need about twenty more kids to participate and act in “THE CANDY WITCH” play. Our goal is to perform the play about two weeks before and on Halloween night.
L.A TRENDSETTAS 08/20/2015
Next week we are going to have some fun as usual and we intend on having a “Karaoke Hour”.
I’d like to thank “Shaydi” for the photos and everyone who attended or intended on attending but do to circumstances couldn’t make it.
We meet every Thursday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm in the multi-purpose room at the Dockweiler Youth Center located at 12505 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, Ca. 90293.
For more information call (310) 726-4128. 



Jimmy was in class when he noticed a cat on the windowsill all of a sudden he barked like a dog. Ruff! “Who’s barking in my classroom?” Jimmy! Replied the kids in the classroom. The teacher said Jimmy Jackson! Have you lost your mind? They’ll be no more out burst in my classroom. Is that clear? Yes Ms. Watkins Jimmy replied. The teacher turned her back and continued to write on the blackboard. The cat reappeared on the windowsill and Jimmy lets off numerous loud barks. Ruff! Ruff!, Ruff!, Ruff!, Ruff!

The teacher yelled Jimmy! Your going to the principals office come with me young man. When they arrived at the principles office Jimmy was told to be seated and not to move until he had spoken to the principle. His teacher briefly spoke with the principle and left the office.

Moments later the principal asked Jimmy to come into his office. The principal asked Jimmy “What’s your name young man?” and Jimmy responded Jimmy Terrell Jackson the 3rd. III. “How old are you?” I’m 13 years old. “Do you live here in Lake Los Angeles?” Yes Jimmy replied. Well Jimmy your teacher Mrs. Watkins has informed me that you were disrupting her class by making some strange barking sounds.

Jimmy said “Do you find it strange that I bark?” The principal said “I find it quite strange for a kid to be barking in classroom”. It’s not normal. Jimmy said, “Would you believe me if I told you there’s a whole lot of things more strange then a kid barking?” The principal looked puzzled and Jimmy said “You probably wouldn’t, but my dad told me that there’s a story and a reason behind everything, so with that in mind I never too much found anything strange. The principal said “Well Jimmy what’s the story and the reason behind you barking?” Jimmy said well sir last Halloween my friends and I were out trick or treating and.

Nookie a girl from the neighborhood comes across the street and starts to talk to us.
Hey Jimmy, Mook wait up! Let me see what you’ll got. My friend Mook showed Nookie his candy bag, but I didn’t want her to see what I had. She’s a show off and known to always get the best and most candy every Halloween. Just as I thought Nookie started showing off her bag full of candy and goodies. Her bag was full and ours were pretty low. She tapped the bottom of my bag and said, “You’ll should roll we me”.

I told her “No thanks! We don’t hang with girls.” She said okay but I’m on my way to get some of those special candies that I had last year”. As she was leaving Mook nudge me and said “Jimmy are you crazy she’s the best trick-or-treater ever. She always gets ten times as much candy as everyone else, and those little chocolate candies she had were delicious and she only gave me one. I need those in my life Jimmy please lets got with her. Last year she had Halloween candy until Christmas. C’mon man lets go with her. Besides I think she has a crush on you. I said okay we’ll go with her. Mook yelled, “Hey Nookie wait for us we’re going with you!”

I asked Nookie “What’s the plan?” She said I’m glad you asked as she unrolled a map with her precious trick or treating route. She said, “Proper planning prevents poor performance” and tapped the bottom of our candy bags. We’re here and according to my plan we have seven more houses worthy of unloading tons of candy on us until we hit the jackpot “The Smiths”. They’re the coolest old folks on the planet and they always have the bomb costumes. We all proceeded trick-or-treating according to “Nookie’s” plan.

Unbeknownst us high above in the sky riding on broomsticks was “Myra” the candy witch and “Ahhz the rap wizard. Myra asked Ahhz "Are you sure the Smith’s have and abundance of sweet delicious candies and recipes?" Ahhz replied yes your evil wickedness. All of a sudden someone yelled, "I can’t breath, I can’t breath" Myra plucked a pouch she had strapped to her side and said, "Quiet you head of a witch"

Not far away at Farmhouse lived the candy makers the Smiths. Mr. Smith was singing while watering his garden. Cocoa trees, my cocoa trees, cocoa trees, my cocoa trees. Hello Mr. Scarecrow how are you today. “Cocoa trees my cocoa trees”.

Mrs. Smith yells out "Honey hurry up and get into costume the trick-or-treaters will soon be here." "Okay!" Mr. Smith replied. He then proceeded to talk the scarecrow in his yard. Yes Mr. Scarecrow it’s that time of year again. Then in his scarecrow voice he said, "Why do you guys make a big deal about Halloween anyway? Only one little girl ever comes trick-or-treating anyway.

Why? I’m glad you asked that question. “Smiths Candies” makes the worlds best chocolate treats, and we intend on letting the world know about it one taste bud at a time. Then in his scarecrow voice he said, "You look pretty silly in those costumes though." Mr. Smith replied "Smart ass"

Mrs. Smith yelled "Honey!" I’m coming dear he replied and made his way into the house. His wife was in costume and she looked gorgeous. She asks "Well what do you think?" Mr. Smith replied, "Wow!" and was interrupted by the doorbell before he could say another word. Mrs. Smith said your not even dressed and the trick-or-treaters are here as she proceeded to open the door.

When Mrs. Smith opened the door Myra “The Candy Witch” and Ahhz “The Rap Wizard” said, "Trick-or-treat". (To be continued)

L.A. TRENDSETTAS will be performing "THE CANDY WITCH" play in October. It's a short Halloween story written by Steven Laws (thats me). The goal is to produce the play, soundtrack, and merchandise and present it to the public about two weeks before and on Halloween night.

I'm asking for your support in making these things happen. Get your kids involved, any assistant you can provide will be appreciated, frequent and join the website www.LATrendsettas.com

08/13/2015 Another Great Day 

Hey I would like to thank everyone who came through last Thursday. We had twice as many folks as the week before. We've started working on "The Candy Witch" play by assigning temporary roles to kids and working on the soundtrack.

Our goal is to perform "The Candy Witch" play at the "Dockweiler Youth Center" on or around October 22, 2015. In addition we would like to have T-Shirts, "The Candy Witch" soundtrack and tons of goodies for trick-or-treaters.

The kids are excited about acting, filming, photography, writing, singing, rapping, make-up, prop and costume design. These are thing we must get accomplish in just under two months. We need more kids to be involved and volunteers help.

Please tell anyone you know that may be interested in assisting us to join our website and fill out the form at www.LATrendsettas.com



08/13/15 "The Candy Witch" reading, casting, and music production. 

Hello Trendsettas,

This Thursday I will be reading the complete "Candy Witch" story which will be turned into a stage play and performed live on stage in October.
It's going to be lots of fun seeing who wants to play whom in the play and writing songs for the play and soundtrack. 

If you or any of your friends would like to be in the play be sure to attend L.A. Trendsettas this week.

Sincerely Yours
Steven Laws

Thursday, August 13 @ 4:00 PM — 8:00 PM
Dockweiler Youth Center, 12505 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, Ca. 90293.

L.A. Trensettas Workshop 08/06/2015 

L.A. Trendsettas – August 6, 2015

Okay so I had my day all planned out and was anticipating at least ten participants. By noon I started receiving voice and text messages from folk that weren't going to be able to make it. No problem the show must go on. I arrived early ready for action and with the help from the D.Y.C staff we set up tables, chairs, music gear, books, podium, snacks, etc.

4:00 pm - 5:41 No one showed up just the D.Y.C staff and me. I rehearsed my plan for the day and discussed the potential and ideas for L.A.T.

Then the phone rang it was Dr. Princess with three young participants Paul, Princess Angel, and Niya. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

After assisting them with parking I gave them a tour of the building, thanked them for coming and spent some time getting to know one another.

Paul wants to be a rapper and possibly a music producer.

Princess Angel was unsure but she liked the idea of being a Stylist.

Niya wants to be a writer and has already begun writing a book.

We had great discussions on producing stage plays, a back to school concert for school supplies, the art of rapping, entertainment business, being professional, fashion, hair, staying focused, being an author, teamwork, and being a trendsetter.

We enjoyed some independently produced music and videos and listened as the Apple Mac Pro computer read my short story called "THE CANDY WITCH" a Halloween stage play we are producing for October. 

After having a snack the participants proceeded to jam on the Korg Trinity workstation keyboard and the Roland MV-8000 production studio when low and behold another girl walked in the room. I asked her to come over and have some fun with us. She accepted the offer and began playing the keyboard and drum machine. 

Although the first day in the classroom started off slow it ended up being a great fun filled learning experience. Everyone was invited to join the email list and bring some friends with him or her next week. 

P.S Dr Princess was great too. Not only for bringing the kids but she had lots of great ideas and suggestions. 

If you were a participant at “L.A. Trensettas” today share your story with us and post your pictures.

Thanks You All
Steven Laws